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New Batman Movie by Danny

2012-12-02 00:14:37 by DANNYESLOCO

Please check out

Batman and the Baby

L.A. week 8!

2007-10-20 15:08:32 by DANNYESLOCO

Alright so I am really homesick right now,
I can't stop thinking about how my family and old friends in Miami. Its been over a month since I came here to LA, and I feel like I have finally settled down. A low tremor awoke me this morning at around 8 and so I got up to work on some paintings.
I am really interested in Entertainment Design, so I am working on a series of figures in motion for a composition class. here is an example of what i want to create, except with a whole mes of figures.
I am also trying to knock out a Halloween Flash so I might have a chance at some $dinero. Tuition at my school is going up by like 7 % and i am already broke! :( I can't even buy spumoni ice cream! I have to clutch my arm and fight my temptation every time I go grocery shopping at gelson's! Why do I even shop there? Its so expensive... ?

L.A. week 8!